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Regular Urban Survivors CD Album

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Release Date: 01/03/1996

Discs: 1

Long overdue for a stateside issuing on CD, REGULAR URBAN SURVIVORS remains a cult classic album. Terrorvision had their moment in the sun with this 1996 release, churning out a number of commercially successful singles that invaded public consciousness. All of the original members went on to pursue other projects, but none with the impact the group made as Terrorvision.

Disc 1
1. Enteralterego
2. Superchronic
3. Perseverance
4. Easy
5. Hide The Dead Girl
6. Conspiracy
7. Didn't Bleed Red
8. Dog Chewed The Handle
9. Junior
10. Bad Actress
11. If I Was You
12. Celebrity Hit List
13. Mugwump